Draft Block Workshops Report

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The council have agreed to refurbish the estate "collaboratively and sensitively". We must hold them to that. No decision will be made about our flats and gardens without our making the decisions democratically.

Commitments made by the Council

1.   Refurbishment of the entire estate

2.   To be carried out sensitively and collaboratively

3.   Agreement to work with a team of architects and designers of the residents’ choosing

4.   New kitchens/bathrooms with the each individual householde to have an input into how their individual flats will be treated

Items to be included in the refurbishment

1.   Heating, hot water

2.  Double glazing

3.  Re-wiring

4.  Redecoration

5. Repainting

6. Rubbish disposal

Common Parts would be subject to a complete refurbishment. They will be upgraded to comply with Fire Safety and Disability Access standards. An architect and designer would work with the residents to ensure quality of work and all work will be presented to residents before changes are made.

Gardens, green spaces and entrances would also be refurbished. Again residents will democratically make decisions as to the design elements.

The Council has agreed that this should be a model estate and it is our intention that it will be a place where we can be proud to live (and the Council can be proud to own). 

Below are a few documents drafted with preliminary plans for the refurbishment which we need to discuss together as residents. 

Preliminary Architect's Report (Murray John Architects)

Proposed Cleaning, Maintenance & Redecoration Specification for Lancaster West Walkways

Letter to Steve Jacobs