LWRA Statement: Grenfell Memorial

 “Grenfell Memorial: A Chance for All of Us to Stand Together and Remember”

The Lancaster West Residents' Association hopes that survivors, bereaved and residents will be able to come together on 14 December, in remembrance of the Grenfell fire. The memorial will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral, often a site of national focus. 

Jacqui Haynes, Chair of Lancaster West Residents' Association, said “The memorial is a chance for all of us to come together and remember what happened. The fire left 71 dead, including 18 children, and daily we continue to see the impact and damage that fire did. We will stand together in memory and support of victims and families.” 

“We hope that this memorial is fitting and dignified. The people in Grenfell Tower were forgotten about and ignored before the fire and this is a chance to now remember and stand together.  The residents hope that the memorial at St Paul’s will be a means for people across the country to unite and stand with us.”

“Although 6 months on, the community is still living with the effects of this fire. 4 out of 5 are still in bed and breakfast, people are without homes and face the Christmas season without a home. Life in the shadow of the Tower is a daily struggle to repair our fractured community, lest we forget what happened that night."

“We understand the memorial at St Paul’s will be for all people, regardless of faith, to gather and remember what we lost. It’s not just the community but the nation to come together in memory. We hope that a spirit of unity and dignity will be there."