The Chair of the Inquiry is Sir Martin Moore-Bick, who is a retired judge. Judge Moore-Bick attended the RA general meeting on Thursday 6th July to answer questions on the public inquiry terms of reference. This resulted in the deadline for the consultation being changed to give residents more time to submit their views. The collected views of the residents collated at the following meeting will be submitted by the RA. If you have any further questions or concerns you can e-mail them to the address found below.

What is the public Inquiry?

The Inquiry will examine the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the fire at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017. It will establish the facts and will make recommendations as to the action needed to prevent a similar tragedy happening again.

The Inquiry will be independent. It will be for the Chair to decide what documents should be produced and who should give evidence.

Residents of the Tower, others who live in the locality and those who have lost friends and family will be able to take part in the Inquiry. The Government has indicated that it will provide funding for that purpose.

The Chair will

  • consider reports by the police, the fire brigade, safety experts and others;

  • obtain all relevant documents from whatever sources; and

  • contact anyone who may have relevant information to give and who may be called as a witness.

After the Chairman has obtained all of the available evidence, he will prepare a report for the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has undertaken to publish the report in full and send it to Parliament.

The Inquiry will produce a preliminary report as soon as possible, which is expected to provide answers to the most urgent questions affecting the safety of tower blocks. The full report will take a while longer, but the Inquiry will work as quickly as it can.

The Government has said that funds will be made available, where appropriate, to provide legal representation for parties to the Inquiry.

Support through the Public Inquiry

Victims and their families will receive funding for legal representation at the Public Inquiry, and victims will be fully consulted before the Inquiry begins, allowing them to say what they think it should cover. 

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Contact the inquiry

If you would like to contact the Inquiry team, please email or call 020 7947 7837.

Or you can contact the inquiry by post at:

Grenfell Tower Inquiry
Royal Courts of Justice