Nominations for LWRA Management Committee

Below are the names of all candidates who have put themselves forward to be elected onto the Residents' Association Management Committee 2017/18.

  • Susan Al-Safadi
  • Jon Bagley
  • Gill Bedford
  • Reuben Ceaser
  • Joe Delaney
  • Fatima De Jesus
  • Ishmael Francis-Hall
  • Eunicia Harding
  • Jacqui Haynes
  • Tomassina Hessel
  • John Johnson
  • Nat King
  • Lorna Mitchell
  • Andrea Newton
  • Viviana Rullo
  • Virginia Sang
  • Bernard Shaw
  • Roslyn Sylvester
  • William Wake
  • Jamal Williams

Candidates will have the opportunity to make a statement at the AGM on Thursday 28th September 2017 before residents cast their votes. 


Roslyn Sylvester has withdrawn her application as of Wednesday 27th September.