At the last RA meeting a poll was held to determine when our Annual General Meeting should be held. Residents who attended voted as follows: 

28 September 2017 : 50 votes

12 October 2017 : 6 votes

26 October 2017: 6 votes

As a result, the AGM will be held on Thursday 28th September 2017. Time and venue are yet to be confirmed. 

At this meeting, all current members of the RA committee will stand down from their positions. Any resident who wishes to nominate themselves to sit on the committee is welcome. A vote will be held to elect the new committee as well as the chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. 

We'll discuss this in further detail at our meeting this Thursday 7th September. Please direct any questions you may have regarding the AGM to lancwestra@gmail.com or in person at this week's meeting. 

Please note the following key points from the current RA constitution:

Nominations for election to the Management Committee must be received by the Secretary in writing at least 7 days before the AGM

Any member of 16 years and over shall be entitled to stand for election to the Management Committee

No more than one Management Committee member may be from the same household at any one time

Members of the Association who are elected Councillors of the RBKC, or employees of KCTMO, or members of KCTMO board or its Committees cannot be considered for election onto the Management Committee

Members present and voting at the AGM for the election of the Management Committee shall be entitled to nominate, up to a maximum of 11, retiring members of the Management Committee members to be elected for the forthcoming year

An independent observer shall attend each AGM to confirm that the meeting is conducted in accordance with the Association's Constitution