Update on concerns about soil contamination

Please see below an updated message from Kensington and Chelsea Council on concerns about soil contamination. 

“We know people are worried about possible air pollution and soil contamination. We aim to protect people’s health and safeguard them from harm. Recent media reports of an unpublished study by Professor Anna Stec suggest there may be toxic contaminants in soil near Grenfell Tower and across a wider area. This needs to be thoroughly investigated. We will take advice from both Public Health England and the Environment Agency to agree the nature and scope of any testing on this site, and elsewhere. Work on this is already under way. Crucially, we will also ensure community input into any testing. We will also take into account views expressed at the public meeting, to be held on 29 October 2018.


Health advice to the public remains unchanged:

-        Public Health England’s advice is that contaminated land is generally considered a very low risk to health because people would need to be exposed to the soil over long periods of time,  

-        If you are concerned about your health, you should contact your GP. Further information is available here:  https://www.grenfell.nhs.uk/physical-health

-        The air quality around the Grenfell Tower will continue to be monitored and the findings published by Public Health England. Results and general health advice is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/public-health-advice-following-the-grenfell-tower-fire

-        Advice about the preparation and eating of locally grown fruit and vegetables remains unchanged: they should be washed and peeled thoroughly before being eaten; also, anyone working or playing in soil should wash their hands well afterwards.  This advice has not changed since before the Grenfell tragedy.