Fire Door Safety Week

From the British Woodworking Federation, the organisers of Fire Door Safety Week, a national awareness campaign that is now in its sixth year:

“I have written widely about fire safety in sleeping accommodation and the social housing sector over the years and I am haunted by what happened last year at Grenfell.

The appalling tragedy and the years of neglect that came before can never be allowed to happen again. There is still much more to do to ensure fire safety is kept at the forefront of people’s minds and standards within the industry continue to be raised.

As you and your members will know from your tireless campaigning, fire doors are critical to compartmentation. The sad reality however is that they remain a significant area of neglect, often the first thing to be downgraded and mismanaged, propped open, damaged and badly maintained. As a result, we created Fire Door Safety Week to raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors and urge landlords to be aware of their responsibility, and tenants to get informed and prepared by familiarising themselves with the fire safety protections and plans for their building.

Out of courtesy, wanted to make you aware of a series of short videos that will form part of the week, one of which is a tribute to the victims, survivors and bereaved of Grenfell. The powerful videos are designed to raise awareness, educate and keep the important fight for change alive.

There are additional useful resources available on our website found here:

Although Fire Door Safety Week officially runs for one week, we campaign all year round to raise awareness of the importance of fire doors and fire safety.

The first in the series of Fire Door Safety Week films has gone live. 

 “We’ve been here before” – calls on government, building owners, landlords & those involved in the fire & construction industries to come together to make buildings safe now. You can see the film on the Fire Door Safety Week website with an overview of the film

It’s also been tweeted out

Four further films have now gone live for Fire Door Safety Week, including the tribute to the victims, survivors and bereaved of Grenfell.  Links to all below.  


In memory of the victims and in solidarity with the survivors of Grenfell


Smoke usually kills long before fire


The five step check

 How can you guarantee that a fire door is fit for purpose? The importance of third-party certification