KCTMO Membership Application

KCTMO must continue to exist to respond to the police and public inquiries as well as any other legal matters related to its role in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

KCTMO has a legal, as well as a moral, duty to act in an open and honest manner when responding.

Ensuring that it does so will be the responsibility of the KCTMO Board, whose members will play a huge role in this. 

Residents with KCTMO Membership also have a role; the rules on the operation and management of KCTMO cannot be changed unless Members vote in favour.

KCTMO recently sent a document to residents which proposed the abolition of resident Board members and the ability of Members to vote against rule changes. If successful, these changes would result in KCTMO losing what little accountability it has to the residents it was meant to serve, whilst also risking devastating consequences with far reaching implications to the Grenfell investigations and the quest for justice.

If the proposal by KCTMO to remove residents from the Board is successful, the lack of trust and low regard already felt for KCTMO would only increase; this would then risk damaging the credibility of the police and public inquiries.

The Hillsborough Tragedy has shown us what can happen if organisations tasked with serving the public instead serve their own - it has taken over 30 years to undo this damage for Hillsborough, KCTMO cannot be allowed to risk similar damage for Grenfell. 

Only Council residents from homes that were managed by KCTMO have the power to ensure this does not happen; we can all register for KCTMO Membership, which will give us the right to vote against any proposals that would damage the credibility and impartiality of KCTMO.

All residents of Lancaster West should qualify for TMO membership. See guidelines on how to apply here and an application form here

Residents should apply using the online version if possible, and check that they receive the email to confirm submission, then we can be certain the application will be processed.